Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline First Edition 2002 Regular US Card

Overall it is the same as the International Card, except with the US card, there are some markings “RACE & WIN ONLINE!”. It is still the same dark blue metal color. The description of this car is grey, white, silver and red tampos with ‘APT’ racing and deco on the sides, Black hood with racing decals, Black Interior, Black Malaysia base with 5SP’s velg for the car.
The Front Card View
With Race & Win Online! Sign On Card Front
Different Rear Card Design From The International Card
Car Tampos View
Headlight View
Taillight View
Hood & Roof View
Bottom View

I forget exactly when I found this car; maybe around the middle of 2011 or early 2012. It was so cheap — only 50.000 IDR or around $5 USD from the Surabaya (East Java) seller from the and I was so lucky to find this item, Nissan Skyline’s not popular like now 😀

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